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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


this idea of a Soulmate has to end.
nobody else can hold up your world but you.
and no one is going to fix all your problems, or heal all your wounds.
there is just way too much emphasis on the "magic" happening.
magic is an illusion, relationships take work, period.
i'm not against the idea that we can create a soulmate.
it just means that each of us can work on our relationships,
making them stronger, and more fun, and successful.
but it takes hard work.
i'm also not against the idea that you can create soulmates in most relationships.
we just have to be happy and strong, and meet other happy, strong, loving people,
and choose to build a great friendship, relationship, marriage, or whatever.
and i could be totally wrong, of course.
maybe it is soul energy?
or maybe it's just basic chemistry?

Friday, May 13, 2011


well, i felt i was pretty successful following the slow-carb diet,
lost 20 lbs and gained some muscle.
and now, i'm re-introducing some carbs back into what i eat.

a couple of things that started bugging me on the slow-carb, were my joints and circulation, which could be coincidental of course, but my joints started hurting, and my pinky fingers and toes get numb.

so, i have been having oatmeal for breakfast this week,
and i mixed brown rice in with my blackbeans and brocolli last night.
not sure how this experiment will bloom, but there you go.
this is somewhat in response to seeing the movie ForksOverKnives this weekend.
not that i want to cut animal products totally out,
but leaning a bit more "plant-strong".

i'm still at about 197 lbs, and feeling pretty muscular and lean.
( not huge and cut, lol, just in good overall shape )

Wednesday, May 04, 2011


47 today.