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Friday, June 17, 2011

i dreamt of surfing

i dreamt of surfing this morning.
a huge wave took me away from where i started,
going along the shore, rather than to it.
i passed alot of other people, who seemed to be still.
suddenly i found myself facing backward, looking where i'd come from.
then, the wave threw me up really far onto a new shore.
i picked up my board, confused, and walked over to a desk
where there were some "instructors" talking.
i asked them where i could buy some jeans to wear,
and how far i was from "kua" where i'd started,
and they just laughed. 
they said i was still on the same island, just at "kuala"?
and really far away, and that i could catch a bus back.
last thing i remember was walking back to the ocean...
good dream!